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  • Reconstruction Begins!

    I'm happy to say that reconstruction will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 7! The construction crew will hang sheet rock in the most critical classrooms first so that we can get back to our campus as soon as possible. They will be working long days and even weekends to make this happen and I'm so very grateful! When we are able to get back on our campus they will work at night so that we can continue to make progress. Thank you again for your help and patience throughout this situation. We would not be able to start tomorrow were it not for your help! Harvey hit us hard but by God's grace we are stronger than this struggle and we'll get through this together.

    Our alternate location starting September 11 will be on the Northwest Forest Campus on Telge Road (between school and Jarvis). Cy-Hope has graciously offered the use of The Alamo and Hope Lodge for us to meet until we can get back to our own campus. You read that right, we will be having school in The Alamo! It's a full-scale replica of the original church where the famous battle took place and it provides a unique opportunity for us to be together as a community as we heal and move forward. I heard it said that our students will have a whole new understanding of the phrase, "Remember the Alamo!" Don't worry, we'll be sure to teach them the original meaning as well.

    Like all of you, Harvey has been a devastating blow for me and my family. Like you, my plans and priorities for the beginning of the school year were suddenly and swiftly wiped out by this disaster. I am reminding myself each and every moment that in Christ I am not defined by this disaster. I am defined by my identity in Christ and in Him I am more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37). This flood is a moment in our lives and though it's not the moment I asked for, it's the one I was given. And so, like every thing else that God gives me, I must steward it well. That's what I will be focusing on: stewarding this moment, this crisis, this learning opportunity that God has given us in such a way that He says to us, "Well done good and faithful servants." God knows the plans He has for us, they are for hope and a future and they are often harder than we think we can bear, but He gives us more grace when we humble ourselves (James 4:6)

    I want reassure you that as I make decisions about our alternate campus time, I will be seeking to be faithful in my stewardship of this moment in our lives as well as remaining faithful to our academic goals and standards.

  • Summer Reading Lists and House Contest

    Dear Covenant Families,
    We are pleased to announce a summer reading house contest!  Get a jump start on earning your house points for the 2017-18 school year by participating.  This contest runs between Saturday, July 1 and Friday, August 25, 2017.  The house with the most pages read will receive 100 points to start off the new school year! 

    How to Participate:
    Download and print this 2017 Summer House Reading Contest sheet.

    Log your pages and rank your book selections.  

    Turn in your sheet in the first week of school to be included in the contest totals.

    New to Covenant and don't know your house yet?  No worries!  Simply add up your pages read and to be included once house assignments are announced.

    Here are a few links to recommended reading lists to get you started:

    The Kindergarten Cannon: 100 Best Children's Books
    The Ultimate Reading List — Classics That Endure
    1000 Good Books List for grades 1-12

    For parents interested in reading more about classical education, please visit our Recommended Resources page.


  • Parent Testimony: The Way God Created Us to Learn

    As our thirst for knowledge and our capacity to learn increases as we develop, so does our curriculum and the richness and complexity of information that we can process and retain.

    As an infant/young child, our brains are able to process simple information, such as square, circle, red, blue. As we grow, fine motor skills come in and we learn to hold a pencil and write and jump. Then we can begin to memorize huge chunks of information and easily recite it at will. And yes, there is repetition of information for this reason. Once we understand shapes and colors, we add on to those facts and learn to calculate circumference and understand how light effects the way we see colors. Each step of the way, the history of the world taught chronologically guides the content of each subject. This occurs all throughout grammar school.

    We learn to care for others more than ourselves, get outside of our own comfort zone and humbly grow in the knowledge our minds crave.

    In the middle school years, responsibilities increase and students are responsible for keeping up with their own schedules and assignments and even the campus grounds. Teachers train students' study skills for self-teaching outside the classroom through homework and longer assignments. The knowledge obtained in grammar school is applied into more defined subjects and period rotations throughout the school day. Service time trains students to care for their school and others by doing tasks with a servant’s heart. We learn to care for others more than ourselves, get outside of our own comfort zone and humbly grow in the knowledge our minds crave.

    This is the way God created us to learn.

    In logic school, all the information and leadership skills are refined. These students pay it forward and demonstrate leadership qualities back towards the younger students. They present topics of character building and model behavior each week during our all-school chapel. The student council plans and leads student events such as dances, fall festivals, and house huddles. All the while, their love of learning is sharpened, not to just get them through high school, but to inspire a lifetime love of learning.

    The most important factor, I believe, is that God's story is entwined throughout their education. These are our children's most formative years. We should take every opportunity afforded to them to show them God's unconditional love. This is how He created each of us and how we naturally develop. This is the way God created us to learn.

    This article was written by Laurie Brooks, the Director of Information and Technology at Covenant Academy.  Laurie is passionate about classical Christian education and loves watching her two boys thrive under its time tested methods.  

    Laurie and her husband Todd have two CA students Cole and Noah and a playful Dalmatian named Kimber.  To learn more visit the About Us page. 

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