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  • New GaGa Pit

    Covenant Academy has a new GaGa pit, thanks to 9th grade student Hayden Hutchison, 

    Hayden, a Boy Scout currently at the rank of Life Scout, was working on his Eagle Service Project to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. He chose to bless the school by building a GaGa Ball Pit.

    "The Eagle Service Project is to be done for the benefit of the community and I wanted my project to be personal which is why I approached my school for any potential needs." explained Hayden.

    On December 17, students, parents, staff and fellow Boy Scout members came together to finish the project. The pit itself has six three-foot walls in a hexagon shape, all mounted on a 20'x20" wooden deck. The deck is even set on concrete footings to allow for continued play during the rainy season.

    To fund the project, Hayden started a crowd sharing page on YOUCaring. All funds donated went towards materials, supplies, and activities associated with the Eagle Service Project.
    Although the project is physically complete, the funding goal has not yet been met. Thankfully, a gracious supporter agreed to front Hayden the remaining funds so that the project could be completed before the holidays.

    If you would like to help bring this project to full completion, your donation will joyfully be received via Hayden’s Eagle Scout Project page on YOUCaring.

    "Covenant Academy has been wanting a GaGa pit for several years and Hayden's offer came at just the right time", explained, Head of School, Leslie Collins. "We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome and are thankful for Hayden choosing to bless the school in this way."

    Fun Facts about GaGa Ball

    GaGa ball is an Israeli sport that is quickly growing in popularity in America. The word "Ga" means "hit" or "touch" in Hebrew. So the phrase "Ga Ga" means "Hit Hit" in Hebrew. It is similar to dodgeball inside of a fence, where players cannot be hit below the waist with the ball, or they're out. Players smack the ball to try to hit each other’s' legs until only one person is left

  • Giving Thanks for Spreading the Word

    We want to wish all of our families a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving Holiday!

    And in the spirit of giving thanks we want to be sure and thank all of our CA families for their admissions referrals. We had $2,200 worth of referral monies this year...the most ever! It was a blessing to hand the referral checks out at our Thanksgiving Feast yesterday.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Covenant Student Creates App for Apple

    Cole Brooks, 7th grade student at Covenant Academy, is the creator of a new application for iOS users. The app is called Lunar Phase Calendar and is currently available in the Apple iStore.

    You can download the app for free and have instant access to a calendar containing lunar phase information including pictures. One unique aspect of the program is that you can look at past dates on the calendar as well as future dates. Want to know what the moon looked like the day you were born? Simply scroll through and select your date and a picture instantly pops up with a picture and description.

    Cole conceived the idea for the application while he was at home, sick on a school day. He developed the prototype and continued to polish it and within days the app was created. Cole also knew that Covenant’s second grade studies study the phases of the moon and would enjoy having access to the technology.  As a result, Cole presented his app to the class and all of the students were excited to have their parents download the app for use at home or on the go!

    Cole has plans for a new app to help people stay in touch with friends and family through prayer. Covenant is very proud of Cole and his new endeavors. We look forward to seeing what is next in this young man’s life!

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